Only one hour’s drive from Cenno lies the rose-coloured city of Siena. Famous for its striped marble cathedral, soaring towers, huge shell-shaped Campo (piazza) where the bare back horse race, the palio, takes place in September, it is well worth a day’s excursion. Once parked, all roads lead to the Campo, with surging tower – the Torre del Mangia and numerous cafes. It is possible to climb the tower for the most stupendous view over the city roof-tops. Wander the alleyways and indulge in a gelati, go shopping and as you wind West away from the Campo you will come to the ‘Hum-bug’ Duomo (began in 1220) – a ‘symphony in black and white’ or a ‘tasteless iced cake’, depending on your viewpoint. Siena is all theatre – don’t miss the performance.