Podere Cenno

Here we are at one of the most magical spots in Southern Tuscany. The wonderful view from Cenno looks out to the three hill top villages of Castel del Piano, Montelateroni and Montegiovi and down the valley towards the sea. You need never leave the vicinity of the house or even use your car if it’s a truly relaxing holiday you wish for. There are walks to take, pictures to paint, leisurely meals to have on the terrace and sunsets to admire at the end of the day.

The house

Cenno is a chestnut and olive farm, our family home since the early 70’s when farmers passed by with their laden donkeys. It is a traditional Italian farmhouse, dating back to 1648, with worn flagstone steps, beamed and tiled ceilings, open fires and wooden shutters. The views stretch out over the garden and fields up to Castel del Piano and down over the valley to the hill top villages. The farm rolls over the hillside with olive and chestnut trees and wild woods.


The upstairs flat is separate from the main house with its own entrance. As the house is built on a hill you enter the upstairs over a little bridge.

It has two double bedrooms and one bathroom. There is an open plan kitchen and dining room.

The Downstairs

The main house, on the lower two levels, has a farm kitchen with open fire grill, a dining room that seats ten and a sitting room with open fireplace.

There are two double bedrooms and one small single room and two bathrooms.

The Studio

Set slightly apart from the house is a converted barn – The Studio. Below the studio is the ‘Limonia’, with barbecue fireplace, which makes an additional dining area.

The studio can act as an extra double bedroom to either section of the house.

The Full House

You can combine the whole house into one for bigger parties.

Both upstairs and downstairs have terraces for dining and enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sun set.

Walking through olive groves and vines

In every light and at every time of year, the road down the valley beckons. This valley of vineyards and olive groves is a riot of wildflowers in spring.

Picking cherries on the farm, relaxing in the chestnut woods

Depending on the season you can pick cherries, eat grapes or bake apricot tarts. The chestnut woods provide a cool shelter from the summer heat and a lovely chestnut soup (recipe supplied).

Relaxing in a sulphur spa

Heavenly relaxation awaits at the small spa town of Bagno Vignoni . You can soak in hot chalky water or ease sore muscles under a pounding channelled waterfall, all this while looking up at the impressive castle Rocca D’Orica looming above on the opposite hill.

Watching the sun set over Montegiovi

Enjoy the local wine of Montecucco or a Brunello from Montalcino while gazing over the Tuscan villages as the sun goes down.

Eating at local Italian restaurants

Enjoy Tuscan dishes in the local trattoria or wine tasting in a vineyard. Try the local hand made pasta ‘Pici’ or try finding the best ice creams.

Exploring San Antimo and Montalcino

San Antimo is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Italy and is located in a wonderful pastoral setting. Inside, the abbey is very simple, with the play of light on the translucent travertine stone and the swirling incense smoke producing wonderful light effects.